The Dordogne is very well known, amongst other things, for its gastronomique delights, and we're particularly fortunate to be just 15kms from Thiviers, south on the RN21 from La Coquille. For Thiviers is known as the Foie Gras Capital of Périgord Vert.

Thiviers has had a chequered history, as have so many villages and towns in this area, having been a medieval fortified town, a stopping place on the pilgrimage to Saint Jacques de Compostelle and, from the beginning of the 18th Century until the 20th Century, an important place for earthenware.

Today, the town is renowned for its many fairs and markets, especially the Goose and Duck Produce Fair in the Winter. In the Summer there are Night Markets, a Wine Fair, Antique Fair and traditional dance displays. The tourist office, right in the main square, is open every day in the Summer, and is closed on Sundays in the Winter. The Foie Gras Museum, which is attached to the tourist office, has been particularly well designed and put together and although, not particularly big is well worth a visit. Combine it with the experience of a very authentic market on a Saturday morning.

In Thiviers there are three large supermarkets, Champion, Casino and Atac.

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