From Bergerac follow the Dordogne valley. This is a lovely journey. The D703 from Lalinde to Mauzac has the most spectacular views. The Dordogne makes two huge loops, the Cingle de Trémolat and the Cingle de Limeuil. There is a marvellous view from the Panoramic Hotel. Have lunch, a beer or an ice cream here and wallow in the view. Trémolat is a lovely place as is Limeuil where the houses are built into the hillside. Here the Vézère joins the Dordogne and you can see the Pont Coude spanning both rivers.

Save the rest of the Dordogne Valley for another day and take the road to Le Bugue, and enjoy a visit to Europe's Largest Private Aquarium. Return on the D710 to Périgueux and back on the RN21 to La Coquille.'


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