Taisy’s Guide to Wildlife

at Maison Jaune

 August 2008 

Spotty Bugs

Black and White are the in colours for these Ladybirds and this pretty moth


Bugs galore!

We found loads of these colourful bugs all over the passion flower.



I snapped these dew covered webs during an early morning fishing trip


This stripy yellow spider was very pretty but quite scary too!

Fast Little Lizards


Caterpillar or Snake?


This is the huge caterpillar of the Elephant Hawk Moth!

I found this one down by the lake.

One day it will turn into this pretty moth

  Frogs – Big and Small . .. .


I love them all!




Gone Fishing!

First catch of the year!   A nice little roach.
Last catch of the year!  Mum’s beautiful carp

All with a little help from Tobi,

the resident fishing expert


We also saw . . .

(But weren’t quick enough to take photos ourselves)

A young deer seen leaping across the field

A colourful kingfisher seen darting across the lake to its nest
A hedgehog, found snuffling around under the passionflower at night
A grey heron seen dropping in to look for a tasty meal.
A wetland coypu seen running across the field and again fishing in the lake
A common buzzard often seen and heard in the skies over the lake     


We’ll be back next year to see what else we can find!

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