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We are pet friendly. If you are booking at our Self-Catering Holiday Cottage, La Maison Jaune, or at our Bed and Breakfast La Boucherie, you are very welcome to bring your dog. There’s plenty of land to run and forage around in. And if you’ve a Labrador, they usually like to swim, so they’ll love the lake.

Please note that for guests wishing to bring their dog and staying at our Bed and Breakfast, La Boucherie, we do have two dogs of our own; a bitch, a Galga, called Fina (Spanish rescue) and small French terrier, Tobi, also a rescue. They will make rather a noise when you arrive, but after the customary greeting acknowledgment they will settle down. And they seem to be great at accepting other dogs in their domain. You’re welcome to have your dog with you in your bedroom with its own bed.

We should also like to be advised when making your booking that you would like to bring a dog. We don’t make any additional charge.

This is a country environment so all around us we have farmers with sheep and cows grazing in the fields. We do ask our guests with their dog to be mindful of that and respect the livestock.

For long term renters staying at our Self-Catering Holiday Cottage, La Maison Jaune, you are also welcome to bring a cat, but, please, it must be ‘furniture friendly’.

We have an excellent veterinary practice fully conversant with the requirements for pets returning to the UK.

NB as at 1st January 2021 the requirements for returning your pets to the UK remain exactly the same as under the pet passport scheme. Allowing up to 5 days for the tape-worming treatment to take place before returning to the UK.

The UK Governmnt website clearly sets out the new regulations

The rules for returning with your pet to the UK remain the same as under the previous pet passport scheme


Contact the Government Pet Travel Helpline if you need more help


Animal Health Certificate

See the government's website which gives full details of how to get one, and for how long it will last.

If you have more than one dog that will be travelling with you it's always worth asking for a discount for the processing fee.

Our local veterinary practice always offers a reduced rate for more than one dog, for our guests returning to the UK.

Of course if your vet just happens to be on the authorised list, the vet will be very conversant with the health of your pets and it should not take that long to complete the form.

From the May issue 2011 of Dog's Monthly, written by Gaynor Gunn, owner of this web site. We have kept the article just by way of interest only. Obviously as at 1st January 2021 the information it contained, and which was relevant at the time, no longer applied, except for the tape-worming treatment allowing up to 5 days before returning to the UK. This is still required. Refer to the UK government website links detailed in

Click for Dog's Monthly article from May 2011.

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