Where to find us


We’re located in the north part of the Dordogne called Perigord Vert or Green Perigord.

Our village of St Priest Les Fougeres is easily accessible from the main RN21 road at the small town of La Coquille. Click here for more details on La Coquille under Local information.

La Coquille is mid way between the two major towns of Limoges and Perigueux – a distance of 50 kms to each respectively.

St Priest les Fougeres is the highest village of the Dordogne located on the D79 on the route from La Coquille to Jumilhac le Grand. From such a high vantage point it affords spectacular views of the beautiful Perigord Vert countryside.

The region of Perigord Vert is aptly named as its countryside is green and lush due to the amount of rain that falls in late autumn, around November and during the winter months. In the spring, there’s plenty of sunshine and the land starts to warm, the soil is rich and fertile making the grass grow almost before your eyes, as do all the spring time plants. Everyone’s very busy with their lawn movers. It’s a beautiful time of year. In summer we have plenty of sun and the days are long.

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