Our Village - St Priest Les Fougères

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Village Church

Village Green


Up until 15 year’s ago we’re told the village supported some 5 cafes and bars as well as a bakery and general store. Thankfully we still have a first-class bakery combined with a grocery section. Mikael is our baker and Lauranne his wife is a friendly and welcoming face behind the counter. His selection of different breads is excellent and you can order any speciality bread you like. Many guests love his ham and cheese baguette. When you buy your baguette and croissants in the morning, I defy anyone not to be tempted to buy one of his beautiful cakes or tarts or a pizza for later in the day. If you’ve a special occasion coming up he’s happy to make a cake of your choice and based on the number of people. The food section is particularly well stocked and with a refrigerated section, basic food stuffs, pet food, household items and a well-priced selection of wines and spirits.

Dordogne village bakery

For, today, the farms are run with the minimum of labour, and with the aid of sophisticated machinery. So, gradually, over the years, many people have left the countryside and have sought work in the towns and cities. As a consequence village life has changed and evolved and with it the mix of people.   There is still of course the hard core of local village folk;  farmers, artisans and retirees, but also other foreigners from Europe and North America, who are either here on holiday, or who have bought property round about and either take their holiday here or live full time. Certainly you’re likely to meet an interesting group of people and you’ll be acknowledged with a greeting by the locals. The pace of life is slow here and who’s heard of stress?

We still have a local garage with a workshop, a very helpful owner and with excellent mechanics.

The Mayor, in any French village or town, is a highly respected member of the community, being responsible for the day to day running of the village and the commune (or district) . It is an elected post, by local people, for a term of 7 years. In addition to administrative duties, the mayor presides over all ceremonial events and memorial days.

corn grinding demonstration

Here in St Priest Les Fougères our fete day is August 15th held each year on the village green and to which everyone is invited, including any visitors staying in the village. Festivities start at around 3pm with something for all the family; tombola, bumper cars for all ages, games for the young children, demonstrations by artisans, arts and crafts stalls, live music and entertainment. In the evening food and drinks are served on the village green and we have a band or DJ. A firework display is at 10.30 and, after dancing until the early hours. It's a real opportunity to experience an authentic village event.

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